Meet Dr. Gonzalez
Dr. Gonzalez

Dario Gonzalez DMD, MSc, CAGS

Dr. Dario Gonzalez is a periodontist who specializes in periodontal surgery including dental implants, bone grafting, dental extractions, gum grafts, treatment of periodontal conditions, and laser surgery. He works together with many restorative dentists and prosthodontists and looks forward to partnering with Dr. Gracia and his dedicated team.

Dr. Gonzalez completed his dental training at Boston University School of Dental Medicine, along with his post-doctorate program in Periodontics and his Master of Science in Oral Biology. He stayed on as a faculty member for 7 years and received the “Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Patient and Practice Management” award from Dean Frankl.

Outside of his professional work, Dr. Gonzalez enjoys going to the beach, swimming, salsa dancing, spinning, and traveling. He loves what he does and the difference it can make in people’s lives!